Swim Spas

No swimming pool will be able to match your swim spa for comfort and utility!

With a swim spa, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a therapeutic hydro massage, and you can enjoy your swim spa all year round. It can be blended into your backyard easily to match your existing environment, and because it has more than 100 unique flow currents, coming from three pairs of dual-speed water jets, you can enjoy a soothing, relaxing session in your spa, that no pool is capable of delivering. Our swim spas have a soak feature that allows thirty minutes of tranquil relaxation. Imagine enjoying a drink, while floating on a raft with this feature. You’ll have up to 53 inches of water depth, and a textured floor which provides exceptional traction during your spa exercise routines.

When you’re done with your spa session for the day, you can simply apply the cover which comes with it, and you will have an easy to maintain pool free from algae or debris because it is shielded from the sun and elements. The next day, when you’re ready for another session, you can enjoy a temperature-controlled soak in water that’s heated between 74 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Swim Spas are superior to pools in every way, water does not evaporate because of the covers, they have full foam insulation to keep the water warm and reduce your electric costs, they are self contained and do not need additional plumbing – Just fill with a garden hose! Also it is important to note that Swim Spas water care is similar to a hot tub instead of powerful pool chemicals. Swim Spas also have additional safety measure with locking lids to keep children safe.

Swim Spas for Fitness

Stay fit without stressing your muscles and joints with an Aquatic Training Vessel!

Whether you are recovering from a surgery or training for a competition the Aquatic Training Vessel swim spa is the right choice.

Fitness is one of the primary uses for swim spas, with many people using them to achieve their fitness goals through swim training and the benefits provided by swimming in place. You can increase muscle tone, strength, and flexibility of all the joints if that is your objective, and for people recovering from surgeries or injuries to the legs or knees, a swim spa provides the perfect vehicle for physical therapy. Swim Spas are ideal for knee replacement recovery.

As a low-impact exercise which is very gentle on the joints, an ATV can be perfect for recovering from injuries. You can get a total body workout from your swim spa without ever visiting a gym, and the therapeutic massage setting can be ideal for allowing sore muscles to recover from stress and strains. In some specific uses of your swim spa, you’ll be able to burn about 500 calories per hour, while lowering your blood pressure and building your lung power.

Swim Spas Much More Than a Pool

Enjoy energy-efficiency and affordability!

Swim spas can be a vacation in your backyard, both from a recreational standpoint, and also for recovering from injuries sustained to the legs or knees. For the budget-minded, a swim spa can be incredibly energy-efficient, costing considerably less than cable television each month. With all the different sizes available, there is a swim spa available to fit every budget, and for every intended usage that you as an owner might have.

  • Watching your kids play and swim
  • Personal time to relax in your own back yard
  • Super quiet operation
  • Unique design based on a boat hull for strength and durability