The V174S comes in at 14.5 feet long and 56 inches high with a water depth of 48 inches. It boasts 27 jet pods and pumps up the workouts with maximum power. Just imagine swimming or jogging in place against two, four, or even six Whitewater-4™ swim jets. Pure exhilaration with true health benefits and the ability to chose your best experience daily.

Insulation Full Foam
Dimensions 174 x 90 x 56 in
Jets 27 
Pumps 3 pumps
Electrical 50/30A (60Hz)
Filtration Dual filtration, 180 sq ft
Water Capacity 1600 gallons
Weight Dry/Full 2,325/15,669 lb
Audio System Bluetooth, two surface speakers
Audio Options  Audio port, floating remote
Water Feature 12-point w/LED lights
Rowing System  Resistance & Rowing Kit
ATV Steps  Barnwood or Chestnut
Cover Lifts   2 Cover Companions™
Wi-Fi  Wi-Fi module