Exclusive to the V174K Kona swim spa are the Whitewater-4 Plus jets. Only in our top-tier Kona swim spa, the Whitewater-4 Plus jets utilize a special entrainment port to significantly boost the efficiency of each swim jet from 100 gpm (379 lpm) to 125 gpm (473 lpm) with a total of up to 750 gpm (3785 lpm) from the six swim jets. It’s a unique feature and another example of Marquis’ elegance and innovation.

Insulation Full Foam
Dimensions 174 x 90 x 56 in
Jets 27 Jet Pods
Pumps 3 pumps
Electrical 50/30A (60Hz)
Filtration Dual filtration, 180 sq ft
Water Capacity 1600 gallons
Weight Dry/Full 2,325/15,669 lb
Audio System Bluetooth, two surface speakers
Audio Options  Audio port, floating remote
Water Feature 12-point w/LED lights
Rowing System  Resistance & Rowing Kit
ATV Steps  Barnwood or Chestnut
Cover Lifts   2 Cover Companions™
Wi-Fi  Wi-Fi module