Whether the tub in your home is used often or not, over time the color of the water can become cloudy or murky. That is because the particles in your water can build up. This points to one thing: the need for efficient cleaning and maintenance for hot tubs in Albuquerque.

why is my hot tub water cloudy

Dirty Filter

There are two issues with a dirty filter. First, we clean the filter with a spay nozzle attached to a garden hose to remove oils and dirt out of the hot tub. This should be a quick and easy process without the use of powerful chemicals. Secondly, the filter is made of paper fibers which in use begin to swell and reduce the efficiently of the filter after about one year, therefore at Hot Tubs Albuquerque we recommend that you clean your filter regularly in order to keep your water clear and replace your filter annually to protect your pumps.

Water in the Albuquerque area has a tendency to be fairly high in hardness and Alkalinity. As the alkalinity goes up it tends to push (precipitate) calcium and magnesium (hardness) out of the water and settle it on surfaces. The filter can be greatly affected and even become completely clogged with this buildup. One sign of high alkalinity is a sandy grit on the shell below the water line.


Bromine is one of the “old school” sanitizing systems that spa owners often take short-cuts when caring for their water. At start up the bromine system requires an additional dose of sodium bromide to provide a proper bromine reserve. This helps the bromine tablets to dissolve correctly over the life of the water. Another product that spa owners miss is the non-chlorine shock added weekly which oxidizes the bromine and makes it work better.

Low Sanitizer

Modern water care systems, such as, Natures 2 ion rods, Frog system, Vision and Aqua Finesse require small amounts of chlorine to keep your spa safe from bacteria. Many times an over zealous salesman will say that these are chlorine free alternatives, when in fact we must maintain a small amount of chlorine in the water to keep the water clear and safe. Normal use of the hot tub may be anywhere from two or three times a week with the use of a Tablespoon of chlorine, but high use of the tub may require adding more chlorine. Studies show that a person uses up to about 1 part per million of chlorine per each 15 minutes of use. This may require adding small amounts of chlorine during the week.

Dissolved Solids

After about three months use the dissolved solids begin to build up in the spa water and can cause cloudy water and PH problems. An example of high dissolved solids is when sugar is dissolved in water to make hummingbird food. After adding enough sugar it will no longer dissolve and crystals build up at the bottom. In a spa the various chemicals and other solids build up until the total dissolved solids start to cause cloudy water. In some cases a water clarifier can be used to combine with the solids to allow them to stick to the filter and you can rinse them out of the system in a few hours but after about three months it is recommended to drain and refill your hot tub unless you are using the Aqua Finesse system which can extend the life of your water out to a year. If you have any difficulties with draining your spa Hot Tubs Albuquerque offers a drain and fill service.

Easy Tips for a Clean Spa

  • If possible rinse off with a quick shower before using the spa. This dramatically reduces the solids and oils brought into the spa.
  • Rinse filters regularly and more often with high use. We recommend every other week as a starting point.
  • Maintain a proper sanitizer level for the system of your choice
  • Drain and fill your spa every three months or once per year for Aqua Finesse
  • Replace your filters annually

A nice Albuquerque hot tub could easily turn a stressful and hectic day around, and help you relax your way into the next crunch day. However, your tub will also need a lot of care and attention if you want it to stay clean and well maintained.


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