After Sales Service

We pride ourselves on our aftermarket services. We offer the 30-day comfort guarantee to our customers. If for some reason you are unhappy with the spa you purchased you may upgrade within 30 days to a different model. We also offer a 3-5 year warranty on equipment and a 7 to lifetime warranty on shells and cabinets. We pride ourselves on being present during all the steps of purchase and installation of our luxurious spas and on offering our knowledge to our clients.

If you want to hear about our Aftercare Services from our clients please visit the Testimonials section to hear about the shopping and installation experience with Hot Tubs Albuquerque. We have also provided onsite maintenance and evaluation of our hot tubs to our clients. We are easily accessible by visiting our store, calling us, and even online. We have filmed a series of videos that covers such topics as “How to test your spa water” to “Balancing your ph levels”. We appreciate how important it is to have a friendly face guide you through these various processes and we are always happy to speak with a customer to address any questions. The videos are a wonderful way to learn how to use different chemicals in their personal spa to maintain and sanitize their water.

We believe that with proper care and maintenance your new Marquis Spa will be a long lasting, and extremely luxurious investment. We believe that every hot tub can increase the enjoyment of life, and to ensure this, we enjoy offering aftercare services to our clients.

After years of experience in this industry, we truly realize the importance of the time that we so seldom get to really sit down and breathe. We want to make this part of your week as easy as possible, and our aftermarket services guarantees this. We like to help our customers with their needs long after the 30-day comfort guarantee so we may ensure that our customers remain happy with their choice and are able to properly care for their hot tubs.

Do you have questions or do you need help with your hot tub? Do not hesitate to contact us!