Most of the things you enjoy today are most likely inspired by something in the past. Take spas or hot tubs in Albuquerque, NM, for instance, which stemmed from an ancient Roman practice. An article by Arlene Mason posted at Yahoo! Voices explains further:

For thousands of years, people have known the soothing powers of a hot bath. The ancient Romans built an entire culture around a warm bath. Even they knew that a soak in a tub of warm water could brighten even the worst day. Today the hot tub is a tiny version of the Roman bath and a soak is still a great way to wash off the stress of the day.


Indeed, rarely will you see an individual soaking in a hot tub who doesn’t look calm and relaxed. From the tub’s number of jets to the water’s temperature, there are many factors that can affect your relaxation levels while in a hot tub. However, when you purchase one of the best Albuquerque hot tubs from dependable companies like Hot Tubs Albuquerque, you’ll find that these small pools full of heated water are so highly desired as a wonderful way to unwind:

Stress Reliever

A hot tub’s swirling waters can do wonders for your tired and sore muscles. Three key elements play an important role in the hydrotherapeutic, stress-relieving function of hot tubs: heat, massage, and buoyancy. Heat helps in increasing blood flow to your weary muscles, and buoyancy, which reduces body weight by 90%, along with massage features of a tub serve to relieve pressure on joints and nerves.

Mini Vacation

With a hot tub in your backyard, or inside your home, there’s no need for you to travel far to relax. In her Yahoo! Voices article, Arlene Mason gives this nice tip,

Start your hot tub experience by sliding down into the warm water, clear your mind, and enjoy the moment. A glass of wine, or margarita in a plastic glass is a nice touch.

Your hot tub should be a source of enjoyment and pleasure, as well as relaxation.

Low to No Distractions

When you’re immersed in a tub, you’re most likely separated from all the distractions of this modern age. You can focus more on your thoughts, absorb the beauty of nature, or simply relish the company of your loved ones. Without distractions to stress you out, you can temporarily escape to a worry-free and peaceful place.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Getting the Most Relaxation from Your Hot Tub, Yahoo! Voices)