As one of our best-sellers, the Journey has consistently been featured on TV as the classic barrel-style tub. Entertain up to 4 guests and enjoy powerful hydrotherapy with 20 jets and whirlpool diverter jet.

Seating Capacity 4
Dimensions 78″ Diameter x 36″H
Number of Jets 20
Whirlpool Diverter Jet  1
Storm Rotator Jets 19
ClearZone Optional
tactile Theraoy Pedestal
Terrancia Exterior Standard
100% Foam Insulation Standard
Weight Dry 500lbs (225kg)
Weight Wet 2500lbs (1135kg)
Water Capacity 240 Gallons (1135 Liters)
Electrical North America/Asia 120(conv.)120/240V, 15/30/40
Electrical Europe 50 HZ : 240V, 1×16/2×16/1×32
Pumps North America/Asia 60 HZ : 1 x 3.0/(1.5) HP Dual Speed Pump
Pumps Europe 50 HZ : 1 x 3.6/(2.0) HP Dual Speed Pump


ClearZone is D1’s patented, oxygen-based system used in the @home Collection. This system utilizes UV-generated ozone to kill and oxidize any impurities in the water and circulates the water 2.5 more times per day than the average spa, filtering 7-8 gallons per minute. A silent circulation pump continually filters and circulates the water 24/7 so you’re always stepping into fresh water. An ozone system means cleaner and clearer water, less consumption of chlorine and a more stable system that is easier to maintain.

Estimated Operating Cost: $8.91 per month.
Hourly cost per kilowatt: $.07 per hour.

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